About Us

  Blue Sea Services Digital is a thriving digital media solution that caters to all classes of brands and enables them to maintain their online presence and undertakes activities that are aimed to develop their brand identity in the modern age of digital marketing. The agency is committed to help the clients exploit the far reaching ocean of digital media and dive down deep to create an unparalleled competitive advantage. The means of achieving such crucial goals is by managing social media, developing websites, offering creative solutions, designing E-commerce systems and creating mobile based applications.  

Our Services

BSS-Digital helps organization maintain their image and always stay connected to their current and potential customers. For this to happen, BSS-Digital offers a complete range of digital solutions that cover every aspect of the brand's online presence. Harnessing the full potential of the digital and social media is the promise of BSS-Digital so that every brand and every customer can enjoy a competitive advantage. Using the creative skills and vast experience, BSS-Digital is able to create marketing strategies and media content that is unparallel and highly engaging that overall propels the performance of the client’s businesses to new heights.


Helping brands enter into the world of online selling and providing an ease to customers. BBS-Digital develops e-Commerce systems that are consumer friendly, safe and immensely efficient. The use of complex programming languages and state of the art tools to develop powerful back-ends help increase the overall reliability of the applications.


We use effective marketing strategies and tactics to increase consumer engagement and brand recall. The utilization of search engine friendly landing pages and content that invokes a psychological appeal helps to achieve the lowest cost-per-click ratio and maximize conversations. Transparency is maintained to increase efficiency.


We create engaging campaigns and creative content that are aimed to increase brand recall and word of mouth. The social media is made constructive by maintaining a two way client-customer interaction through addressing customer queries and communicating brand related information to audiences with the motive of maintaining the brand image.


Creating web presence for brands that were previously restricted to the traditional methods of selling and disbursing information is our USP. Responsive websites are designed to keep a healthy flow of information between the client and customer and maintain an all-round presence of the business through the digital network.


Direct marketing goes beyond the social platforms and websites. BSS digital works to significant improve the customer reach by providing the service of branded sms. The firm is a pioneer of this service and has helped its clients attract large masses for successful campaigns as part of its strategic marketing. Such a service is a rare sight for a digital agency.


Covering live events that relate to promotional campaigns, product launches and inaugurations. By integrating various social media platforms, the firm engages audiences and helps communicate the brand and its purpose to the masses. Events are thus made more successful, relevant and cost effective by way of such promotional techniques.

Case Studies

What is the mantra behind more productivity? Simple. A bunch of happy people. That is what drives BSS-Digital – to create a workplace that is high on the happiness quotient. The vision is to deliver the best value to clients, ensuring that their business grows exponentially using social media.


Catering to the needs of brands by providing our services on the digital platform, BSS-Digital is operating for the clients of Pakistani as well as reaching far out to Dubai. Our services are climbing towards achieving great heights and recognition of the performance enabled us to operate internationally in UAE.


Our View

BSS digital aims to help its clients become pioneer brands in their respective categories and thus incorporates creative thinking, reliability and mutual growth within its scope of working. The firm not only strives to make clients more profitable, it wills to increase their overall efficiency and helps them create an unforgettable, irreplaceable brand image and loyalty in the minds of their consumers. It envisions to digitize all brands and create a trend of movement away from traditional practices to modern day techniques.